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About Six Atomic

We Partner With Global Businesses to Design Meaningful Digital Experiences

Our Principles

Two simple rules for effective solution-building

Lead with Strategy

We believe in providing solutions that address the core issues once and for all. To accomplish this, we must first develop a solid strategy to guide all initiatives and deliverables. We start off by defining three crucial aspects of your business:

  1. The Brand—What you stand for and what makes you unique
  2. The Users—Who your users are and what they need
  3. The Business Goals—What do you want to accomplish and how we measure success

Align All Stakeholders

Incredible things happen when key decision makers are on the same page from the beginning. The process becomes much more efficient, and the solution much more effective. We've proven this times and times again with companies from small to large. That's why we always kick-off projects with an interactive workshop to align everyone on the goals, strategies, and roadmap to get there.
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The Building Blocks

Six—the atomic number of carbon, the key component of all known life on Earth. Just as carbon is the building block of life, we see digital strategy and user experience as the essential building blocks of any successful modern business. We help refine our clients' ideas into valuable diamonds for their business and their customers.

Founder's Vision

Imagine three years from now; we’re enjoying a good conversation over coffee about how your brand has become the leader of your niche, gleaming over a hand-written letter that a user mailed directly to your office, thanking you for changing her life.

This is the kind of success story that I live for. As an entrepreneur and visionary myself, I want to help other leaders genuinely connect with their audience and achieve the success they envisioned.

Let’s make a deal. You bring your vision to the table. I’ll bring my eight years of experience as a UX consultant and a (former) psychology researcher. You’ll work directly with me every step of the way. And we’ll accomplish great things together.

Ps. I also love good conversations about video games, rock music, personality theories (I’m an INTP, Enneagram 5 geek), existential philosophy, and some lovely full-body wine recommendations.
CEO; UX Consultant

Our Clients

Over the years, we've advised clients across the globe—from leading enterprises to startups and non-profits. Our strategies and design solutions made positive impacts on businesses within various industries from IOT, medicine, education, e-commerce, manufacturing, to hospitality and more.

    • Agoda
    • Ausenco
    • BNP Paribas
    • Bespokify
    • CE Yoga
    • DSIL Global
    • Eduro Learning
    • Integrated Logistics Services
    • International School of Singapore
    • NHL Stenden University
    • Optimal Living Daily Podcast
    • UNICEF
    • Watchfully

What Clients Are Saying

Taime and the Six Atomic team have been critical to the development of a new consumer-facing web product for Bespokify. Their work helped us uncover insights about our target users and product objectives. Taime’s insights and product design expertise boosted our confidence in the product’s chances of success. She’s an A-player.
— Marc C. Close, CEO at Bespokify

I was looking for expert eyes and an outside perspective to help me refine my company website and Six Atomic provided exactly what I needed. Taime’s insights and clarity from a design thinking perspective helped me see my own website through a user’s eyes. Her suggestions and feedback were always provided with examples which helped me more deeply understand her recommendations. I would not hesitate to work with Taime again!
— Kim Cofino, COO at Eduro Learning

Taime is among the best designers I’ve worked with. Taime’s many deliverables had a measurable positive impact on Agoda’s website conversion. She always had a solid understanding of the business objectives of the design requests, frequently diving deep into the data to ensure her designs and flows drove the right results. I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again down the road.
— Kevin Barmish, Senior Product Owner at Agoda

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