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Building Trust for a Novel Medical IoT by Precisely Addressing Pain Points


Define Users

User Research

Because eBay is an existing platform, I did some research to identify different types of current users by:

  • Reviewing user demographic stats released by eBay

  • Browsing discussion on eBay’s forum, subreddits and facebook groups dedicated to eBay, youtube videos on eBay experiences

  • Posting a survey on eBay subreddit asking buyers to share their behaviors and experiences


User Persona

I identified 6 user types, excluding scammers (which seems to be a large group, but they have a negative impact on the business metrics).




A Startup Approach

Elderly-care wearable tech was novel to the South East Asian market. The team wanted to first release a minimal viable product (MVP) to test the market fit and get user feedback on the app while planning a design with full functionality for the future.

We decided upon this roadmap:

  1. Design the simplest app prototype that can give users a meaningful experience with a Watchfully device

  2. Release a beta version to gather user data and feedback

  3. Improve the app UX design and functionality

  4. Add visual brand identity last





UX Design

Information Architecture

We first mapped out the IA and user flow for the whole app. Watchfully was a rather complex app from the backend because there are two user types whose data are connected. We needed to figure out a way to present this complex map of data as simply as possible to the users front end.



We designed intuitive wireframes for each user type, designated by different colors (green for device wearers, blue for caretakers).




Deliver & Develop


Beta Testing

We released the beta version of the app with minimal visual design and gathered data on how people were using the app. We also interviewed some users in person and received several useful feedback. We noted these common concerns:

  • Some users felt suspicious when registering an account within the app because the app design (default OS design) looked very different from the Watchfully device's packaging design.

  • The onboarding looked overwhelming and had too many form fields on one page.

  • Some caretakers needed to monitor more than one elders in their family and needed a way to view multiple device wearer accounts.

  • Some caretakers needed to log in to their elder's account to manage it for them and wanted an easy way to switch between a caretaker role and a device wearer role.


Improving the Experience

Consistent Brand Design

We created a visual design for Watchfully to be applied consistently on every product and promotional materials. The Watchfully team wanted a simple, clean, professional, hospital-like look & feel. Blue and white were suitable for this. Although, we contrasted anything emergency-related with orange to prompt a sense of urgency and action.


Guided Onboarding

We broke down the onboarding process into more simple steps, only showing one idea and one task to accomplish at a time. We also added a clear indication of the number of steps to follow.


Managing multiple accounts

Based on user feedback, we incorporated the ability for caretakers to easily monitor multiple device wearers, as well as the ability to easily switch between roles if needed.


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