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Case Study—Integrated Logistics Services

Designing Clarity & Efficiency for Complex Supply Chain Operations


The Challenge

Integrated Logistics Services (ILS) is one of South East Asia's leading supply chain logistics companies that provides warehousing and transportation to conglomerates like Amazon and Siemens.

ILS had been managing their data on excel spreadsheets and wanted to adopt a more efficient technology. Because of the complex nature of their operations, it was a challenge for them to find an off-the-shelf Enterprise Software that met all of their needs. ILS trusted us as a partner to define the strategy to digitally transform their workflows and design a custom enterprise software to digitally transform their entire operations with minimal training required.

Project Scope

  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • UX Research & Testing
  • Custom Enterprise Software Design
  • Android App Design




Industry Insights

We had no prior knowledge of logistics operations or jargons and recognize that our client was the expert in their industry. Our facilitative process allowed us to transfer ILS' organization knowledge & expertise to our team.

After having an interactive workshop with stakeholders, we prioritized our main goal to be increasing operation efficiency through:

  • Digitally transforming existing excel database into an intuitive UI that can be seamlessly integrated into employees' regular workflow without any extra training
  • Segmenting relevant data for different roles (e.g., account executives only needed to see data that were useful to them)
  • Designing an app for the mobile workforce, for examples, delivery truck drivers, and stockers who need to walk around a large warehouse




People-Oriented Approach

Roles and Workflow

ILS wanted to create a central software for clients and all employee, including executive director, operation managers, account executives, and shipper/receivers. We decided to focus on roles and workflows, instead of structuring content and features. We needed to understand how each role within the company manage and maintain content on a daily basis, including the tasks and tools required throughout the content lifecycle.

User Interviews & User Journey

We interviewed stakeholders from each department to fully understand their day-to-day operations, requirements, and pain points within their current system. We mapped out the current user journey for each role as a guide for the design.

Current user journey for the executive director

Additionally, user interviews and testings were held at least once a month throughout the design process, with real users within the company, to ensure that our design met their needs.





Visual Design

We created a simple and clean UI with ILS’ existing vibrant brand colors as accents for data visualization.


User Experience

An Overview at a Glance

The first thing the executive director and operation managers did each morning was to scan through status reports from different department to see if anything needed their immediate attention. We used colors to make this process much faster by showing problems in red. Green meant that everything was going smoothly, and yellow indicated numbers going above the threshold and that attention may be required.


differentiate with colors

Account Executives oversee orders from each client. Because there was no error reporting, we used colors differently in this case to distinguish order statuses.


Design for mobility

We designed an Android app specifically for the delivery and receiving units to readily record shipments on-site, either by scanning a barcode or entering a serial number of the goods manually.






ILS had an internal development team whom we worked with closely to ensure that the design was effectively implemented. 



Using digital for cost efficiencies makes a huge impact on profit. Our digital enterprise solutions reduced the cost of operations by 36% by increasing productivity, freeing up human resources, and improving the ILS' relationships with its clients.


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